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Are Omega-3 And Fish Oils Essential For Dogs?

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  • 11 Responses to Are Omega-3 And Fish Oils Essential For Dogs?

    1. Lynn

      My 2 goldens get a raw organic egg probably twice a week, it’s funny watching them, the girl goes out and drops the egg on the patio and eats it, the boy worries about it , carries it around and finally it will crack and he will eat it. They eat Honest Kitchen and raw and salmon oil and coconut oil, tripe, bones, sardines. Standard Process canine whole body support, probiotics, so they are well fed and a good weight. Any suggestions for me?

    2. Melissa Miller

      I’ve been giving a squirt of Grizzly Salmon Oil to each (raw) meal for years, but I recently read to switch it up with different oils~ Are you saying if I feed an organic/grass-fed egg (raw) just once a week, that’s enough?

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        No, if you feed nothing but a grass-fed raw animal diet, then it should be enough. It’s also important to avoid drugs chemicals and toxins. If your dog is exposed to these, then it’s a good idea to also supplement with fish or krill oil

    3. Shelly

      Types of oily fish
      Some of the most popular types of oily fish are: salmon, trout, sardines, swordfish, whitebait, fresh tuna, anchovies, eel, kipper, mackerel, carp, bloater, smelt, bluefish and sprats.

      I feed Smelts to my crew :) I only feed fish once a week.

      Eggs I feed twice a week, since they are store bought eggs I only crack & feed so no shell- if they are farm eggs then you can feed shell & all.

      • I’m a fan of Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega and so is the dog!

    4. Simon

      I’ve read studies that shiow that dogs (unlike humans) have only limited ability to synthesize EPA and NO ability to synthesize DHA from linoleic acid. This is exactly the opposite of what you claim.
      You don’t quote any sources in the article – could you add the sources of this information?

    5. Suze

      I would appreciate it if the author of this article would post references for the claim that dogs can convert linoleic acid to alpha linolenic acid. :-)

    6. John Sturgess

      What would be a great article of follow up is the results of Major Fish Oil for pets that’s been tested to let viewers know what is good or bad.

    7. Lori

      I have access to farm eggs, how often and in what way is best to feed eggs?

      • Ellie

        I give my girls eggs whenever I have them, not more than one or two in a day though and always in addition to their raw prey-model diet. Eggs can give some dogs loose stools but if your dog handles them well you can feed as many as you want. Just make sure red meat is still the staple in the diet.