thunder phobia dogsHomeopathic remedies can be an effective treatment option for sensitive dogs. This includes dogs who overreact to the slightest noise, loud noises or those dogs who shake and whine when there is thunder, well before any of us even hear it.

When the correct remedy is found, just a few doses can work quickly and safely. Better yet, the right remedy can correct and prevent the problem permanently. In the hands of a homeopath, the remedy that is the best match for the overall state of the animal, including their health history, personality and behavior, can instigate permanent positive change on all levels, physical, mental and emotional. Chronic health issues will also disappear, as they are part of the animal’s overall health picture.

Below are some remedies commonly used for noise sensitive dogs.

The remedy Asarum is known for an extremely nervous dog, an animal that is hysterically hyper reactive. He is at a breaking point without stimuli. Add the slightest noise, and the dog becomes unhinged. Grooming, discipline or high expectations, even weather changes can be intolerable for an animal this reactive. Nearly everything sends him beyond his breaking point. This may develop into mucousy diarrhea, IBD or IBS. He will usually shiver or shake. It may be indicated for a nervous female who cannot carry a litter because of her nerves. The eyes may water and stain.

Ferrum metallicum is a completely different remedy picture, presenting with angry irritability from the slightest noise. This animal is usually strong willed, single focused and solid in physique, like a tank. It is odd to see her in the weakened and exhausted state of Ferrum. Related health problems can involve the liver, anemia (pale gums), joint problems, watery diarrhea, vomiting after eating and hemorrhage.

Perhaps the most well known remedy for sensitivity to thunderstorms is Phosphorus. The Phosphorus dog is always seeking love and attention, despite your efforts to keep him from jumping all over strangers. He is easily frightened when left alone or when in an environment with too many stimuli and will react fearfully to an approaching thunderstorm before you hear it. He will be thirsty all the time, preferring the cold water from the toilet to water left in his dish.

Theridion is an excellent remedy for oversensitivity to noise. Noise can appear to cause a pain reaction and/or panic in dogs that need this remedy. In addition, they are anxious and restless, must kept busy, and may be underweight despite eating normal amounts of food for their
size and breed.

Zincum metallicum is a remedy for oversensitivity to everything. This dog reacts with twitching, restless legs, trembling, convulsions and neurological disorders. She is on edge and startles very easily, especially with noise. In addition to neurological symptoms, she can have excessive urination at night, bronchitis, ear infections, loss of fur, eye problems and vertigo. Despite her misery, this dog tends to be friendly and affectionate.

A 30C potency of any of the above remedies, if well matched, can have a fast and positive effect. If it seems to be helping but is not quite strong enough, see if you can get a 200C remedy from a homeopath.

Start by giving three doses, 12 hours apart, then stop and wait for a couple of weeks to observe any changes. If improved, do not dose again until any symptoms reappear.

Linda Miller is a classically trained homeopath whose interest in alternative medicine and nutrition started in her teens. Following her four year training at the Vancouver Homeopathy Academy, Linda now has a large homeopathy practice of adults and children at Xeri Homoeopathic. Linda continues to keep current with modern homeopathic practice by attending seminars worldwide. Visit Linda at