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How many times have you heard that homeopathy is nothing but a joke or “I tried it, but it didn’t work’?  Here is a recent study that shows homeopathy can be just as effective as expensive pharmaceuticals – and much safer.

According to recent research from Germany, “The authors compared the symptomatic effectiveness of a complex homeopathic preparation Zeel (1-3 tablets orally per day depending on body weight) to carprofen (4 mg/kg body weight) in dogs (n=68) aged >1 yr diagnosed with osteoarthritis in a multicenter, prospective, observational open-label cohort study in 12 German veterinary clinics. The active treatment period was 56 days.”

“Symptomatic effectiveness, lameness, stiffness of movements, and pain on palpation were evaluated by treating veterinarians and owners. Clinical signs of osteoarthritis improved significantly (P <0.05) at all time points (days 1, 28, and 56) with both therapies. At the end of the treatment period, effectiveness was comparable in both groups,” wrote S. Neumann and colleagues, University of Gottingen.

The researchers concluded: “Both treatment regimens were well tolerated with only three treatment-related adverse events, all in the carprofen group. (J Am Anim Hosp Assoc 2011; 47: 12-20. DOI 10.5326/JAAHA-MS-5483).”

Assuming that there were 34 dogs in each group, we can deduct that 9% of the dogs on carprofen had an adverse reaction.

Those are pretty high odds when there is a homeopathic alternative that is equally effective, much cheaper and very safe…and can be purchased without a prescription.  Yet vets continue to reach for the pharmaceuticals and we allow them to do so.  If your dog suffers from arthritis and is on NSAIDs, consult with your vet and ask her to read this important research…and pass this information on to as many dog owners as possible.  Too many vets and dog owners dismiss homeopathy as nothing but a placebo and we need more people to be aware of this type of research, especially in North America where research is sparse.  If we as dog owners demand this type of product and can support its effectiveness with clinical research, we can help educate veterinarians and pet owners on the effectiveness of integrative medicine.  If we don’t do participate in our vets’ education, then the pharmaceutical companies will.  We as consumers can influence the type of products our vets prescribe – let’s use our voices and help dogs avoid the dangerous side effects of NSAIDs.

Neumann and colleagues published their study in the Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association (Effectiveness of the Homeopathic Preparation Zeel Compared with Carprofen in Dogs with Osteoarthritis. Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association, 2011;47(1):12-20).

For additional information, contact S. Neumann, University of Gottingen, Clinic Small Animal, Institute Vet. Medical, D-3400 Gottingen, Germany.

Publisher contact information for the Journal of the American Animal Hospital Association is: American Animal Hospital Association, PO Box 150899, Lakewood, CO 80215-0899, USA.

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    1. Scott Pruter

      How do you get a dog to hold it under his tongue?

      • Julia Henriques

        Scott, the easiest thing to do is pop the tablet into your dog’s cheek. They taste sweet so most dogs will let it dissolve there or just swallow. If your dog spits it out you may have to resort to putting it in food or inside a treat.

    2. Maryann

      I see several online sellers of ZEEL on Ebay (Buy It Now). There is ointment or tablets, both in the $15 range. Better than giving Carprofan plus milk thistle.
      I’m going to try it on my12 yr old greyhound who is slowing down a bit due to arthritis.
      Thanks for the info!

    3. Carice

      I have a 5 year old Yorkie-Chon. She’s 7 lbs. She has a luxating patella and I honestly do not want her to have surgery. I go an homeopathic vet and he is very honest. He said it could come back. Plus I’m afraid of her being put under. She’s the runt and she’s delicate when it comes to so many things. I keep reading about Zeel. I would very much like to try it. However, I don’t know where to get it and once I do, I don’t know how much to give her as she is so small, but an adult.

      I’d love to hear your thoughts on this please and thank you! :0)

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        You can order Zeel online if you google it. I don’t think it will replace surgery however but it will help with the resulting joint degradation. You could look into a brace as an option or find a good animal physiotherapist to help with muscle imbalance, the cause of the problem.

    4. Michelle

      Would it work for osteosarcoma too? I just had to up the dosage and am wondering if I can switch him to zeel or if it is strong enough for this kind of pain.

      • Dogs Naturally Magazine

        I wouldn’t think so. Please consider consulting with a homeopathic vet however – Dr Charles Loops specializes in cancer.

    5. We are considering getting getting Zeel or Traumeel at the animal hospital I work at for post surgery instead of sending home NSAIDs, any info about using it with cats? I am in the process of researching it now. There are many great articles out there for it, thanks for another.

      • Mare

        Hi Gary, as homeopathic remedies are not species-specific, they can also be used with cats. The amount given though is related to size (as in you’d need more remedy for an elephant than you would a mouse). I am not a homeopath but have successfully used
        homeopathy for myself and my pets and have learned to do so from a qualified homeopath on how to do this correctly. I would not think that either Zeel nor Traumeel would be sufficient to manage post-surgical pain beyond perhaps minor surgical procedures. Just my opinion though:-)


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