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Homeopathic Treatment For Vaccine Reactions

I’m often asked if I think it’s a good idea for a dog to be given a homeopathic remedy prior to being vaccinated, with the intent of preventing any kind of reaction. Personally, I believe it’s difficult to know what remedy might be effective in this regard, unless:

a)    A constitutional remedy has already been established for that particular dog, i.e. has proven to help with ongoing symptoms the dog has exhibited in the past. In this case, it can be a good idea to give that specific remedy a day or two before the vaccine in order to boost the dog’s immune system overall.

b)   The dog has reacted to a vaccine in the past. In this case, I would be inclined to give the dog the remedy that normally would be used to that specific reaction before the vaccine is given.

Many people automatically give the remedy Thuja after a vaccination, but it’s not the only remedy indicated for vaccine reactions. Silica is also a very important remedy in this regard. However, it’s important to remember that treating a reaction to vaccines is no different from treating anything else with homeopathy – the best remedy to give is the one that matches the symptom picture the dog is displaying.

Taking etiology into account (i.e. the factors which predispose the dog toward a certain disorder) is always a part of proper casetaking. If we look up Generals, vaccination after in the Complete Repertory, 41 remedies are listed. Looking at the most prominent of these, and disregarding those that are more specific to vaccines that are NOT received by dogs – like smallpox – we are left with: Ant Tart, Apis, Arsenicum, Belladonna, Malandrinum, Medorrhinum, Merc Sol, MezereumPsorinum, Silica, Sulphur, Thuja, Tuberculinum. So, as you can see, it’s not exactly a cut and dried choice based on etiology alone. The choice of remedy should be based on the symptom picture, which can manifest anywhere between several hours and several months  – or even several years – after vaccination.

That said, the vaccine reactions that dogs commonly experience often indicate Thuja or Silica. Some of these symptoms include:

  • Generals, convulsions, vaccination after: Silica, Thuja
  • Mentals, anxiety, vaccination after: Thuja
  • Eye, inflammation, vaccination after: Thuja
  • Stomach, nausea, vaccination after: Silica
  • Rectum, diarrhea, vaccination after: Silica, Thuja
  • Respiration, asthmatic, vaccination after: Thuja
  • Cough, vaccination after: Thuja
  • Extremities, paralysis, lower limbs, vaccination after: Thuja
  • Extremities, swelling general, upper limbs, vaccination after: Silica, Sulphur, Thuja (in dogs, this generally corresponds to a lump at the injection site)
  • Skin, eczema, vaccination after: Mezereum (thick, hard scabs), Sulphur (red, itchy eruptions)

When treating reactions to a rabies vaccine, Belladonna and Lyssin (also known as Hydrophobinum) should be considered. Belladonna can be indicated if the dog suddenly develops a high fever, especially if he/she has glassy eyes with dilated pupils. This is also a remedy to consider if the dog develops aggressive or compulsive behaviour (e.g. turning in circles repeatedly), or seizure activity.

Lyssin (also known as Hydrophobinum) is the first remedy to think of if the dog develops a fear of water (which can manifest as refusing to drink) or is agitated by the sound of running water.

It may be a good idea to have Apis on hand, in case the dog exhibits facial swelling, or if there is any other indication that the dog is having an allergic reaction to the vaccine (e.g. swelling of the airways that impedes breathing). 

Never be in hurry to leave the vet after your dog has been given a vaccine, as a severe reaction requiring emergency medical attention is always a possibility.

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18 Responses to Homeopathic Treatment For Vaccine Reactions

  1. Jill

    when my dog was four ( a year ago) she had an adverse reaction to her rabies vaccine. throwing up , Diarrhea on and off the next day ( the first day she was just exhausted) that was only symptom …..and the exhaustion lasted for at least a week . this was reported to vet within a day of symptoms. since it was a sat (after hours with no avail appts ), they advised to give her boiled chicken and white rice . call them Monday if not better. the symptoms lagged on until Monday at which point, I took her in to be seen. Holistic vet said it must be something she ate?? outside possibly? I confirmed that this wasn’t possible as it occurred so quickly after the vaccine, plus I watch my dogs when I walk them….she didn’t eat anything outside. he insisted it isn’t from the vaccine. (yeah right) upon further reading and learning I found that his assessment was wrong and in fact, it is highly probable that she experienced adverse reaction directly related to rabies ! long story short, the above symptoms presented for approx a week. although I did follow the bland diet protocol he suggested. total waste of time. my question is, is it too late to try detoxing my dog now? it has been a little over a year since rabies vaccine was given. wondering about timelines and effectiveness of remedies to address rabies maism a year after the injection.

    • Dogs Naturally Magazine

      Hi Jill

      It’s never too late to begin treating dogs for vaccine damage! In fact, much of the time, homeopathy isn’t treating your dog so much as his parents and grandparents. Disease tends to run deep and it can be passed from generation to generation. In fact, the Purdue study showed that vaccines cause a change in the dog’s DNA, so science certainly appears to support this.

      You can find a good homeopathic vet at theavh.org

  2. AmyL

    I think it is important for people to realize that they need to say NO to rabies vaccine. YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO SAY NO – and ESPECIALLY when your animal has had a reaction. You have more power than you realize. Find a vet that will APPLY his discretion and when there is a legal concern with your city, municipal agencies then contact them. You are the best advocate for CHANGE. Especially if you suffer financially by having to treat your pet for ADVERSE EFFECTS. Aside from your pets suffering; to say the least!
    Dogs naturally… I am surprised you seemed to promote a prepare for your NEXT VACCINE sickness/reaction advice and really there are other options. ESPECIALLY IF YOUR PET EXPERIENCED A REACTION. Say NO… find a vet that will support TITER testing or will say your dog is not healthy. Almost everywhere… VETS HAVE THIS DISCRETION. Speak up! Tell your city you will provide a titer test that shows full immunity in the blood or you will provide a note from your vet stating your pet is not healthy enough to receive the vaccine. If your pet had one reaction then it will probably happen again and your pet has already suffered something that could cause the immune system damage in upcoming years. You must communicate and voice up. Don’t just PREPARE FOR THE NEXT reaction. Don’t accept it.
    1) Make sure your VET reports the adverse reaction to the Manufacturer and consider other outlets for reporting adverse effects/reactions such as the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Canine Vaccination Task Force.
    2) Call your city and ask them if they accept a TITER test and make sure your vet will perform that test OR ask your vet to use his discretionary power as caretaker of your pet and state that your pet had an adverse reaction and not consider HEALTHY enough to take another vaccine. Find a vet that will support your wishes. SPEAK UP.
    My city required a rabies shot but I asked them if they will accept a titer test, they had no idea what that was – I explained and they told me… ” We will accept whatever your VETERINARIAN SAYS!”. Tell your vet NO. If your vet says your pet is not healthy enough for the vaccine then they will accept that.
    It is important that these adverse effects are documented. We must speak up for our pets and be informed.

  3. Suzanne

    This is an amazing resource. My Sheltie puppy received her second set of puppy shots at 15 weeks, I only planned on doing 2 sets of vaccines and then doing her rabies vaccine after a year of age. I feed the raw diet to my dogs and have for over 10 years, so I have taken a different route when it comes to vaccines , all supported by my homeopathic vet.

    Approximately 5 hours post vaccines my puppy started having an extreme vaccine reaction, starting with falling over and in the span of 15 minutes she was unable to get up or move, her reaction was progressing quickly and I had her back to my vet within 20 minutes, she was laying lifelessly in the car as we made the drive (unresponsive to her name, not opening her eyes, breathing shallow). Upon examination by my vet she explained our two options; either steroids to stop the reaction or Thuja. Since my puppy was not in anaphylaxis, she suggested going with the Thuja and waiting to see her reaction to the homeopathic. Within 20-30 minutes the change in my puppy was amazing, we carried on with the directed dosages from the vet and my puppy made a full recovery. I never realized that there was such a great alternative to using steroids to help with vaccine reactions, the best part is there are not the same long term affects of steroids.

    Now I will be sure to treat my puppy with Thuja, if I have to vaccinate her again!

    Amazing job sharing information on such an important topic!


  4. Vishal

    My 5 month’s dog has been given his first vaccine on 25th feb, from then he has started to vomit and loosemotions are there. still he is vomitting. til 27th feb he had loosemotions and then no potty ever. 1st vet who had given a vaccine was continued till 28th feb. then she cant continued because of her own problems and asked me to look for another vet. 2nd vet has done gastro test and blood test yesterday n today resp. Gastro test was negative and after blood test vet said that dog has problem in his lever and kidney. Dog is getting Worse. He is not given anything by mouth. Water was given till 28th by mouth but he was vomiting it. Will my dog recover from it?? Because i am spending lot of money from my little savings for my 1st little dog??

  5. We have a little 3lb Biewer girl and she had a reaction after her first booster. She the next day had her first and worst anxiety attack. Acting afraid, trying to hide in a small space just looking like, what just happened? She also has had heavy breathing since. The anxiety still happens every once in a while but not like the first attack. I have tried and tried to find information on this and this is the first I have seen that I feel her situation is the same and I might be able to help her. Gives me hope.. We love her to pieces she is still a very happy, loving, little girl that everybody just falls in love with and she loves everybody, other animals and people. She plays her little heart out but these attacks have I feel changed her quality of life. We do feed natural. I am going to do some checking on Thija.. I live in a small area and do not have access to homeopathic care but I am reading all I can and will call a homeopathic clinic and get final advice. I have read enough to know, I will titer test all my babies, this one will never get another rabies. Thanks so much

  6. Cristie

    My 3 pound Chihuahua recieved a rabies vaccine on May 16, 2012. With in a half hour of the vaccine, she became lethargic and she broke out in hives. Her face and feet swelled huge and she had to be given a shot to counteract that allergic reaction. Since that date she has had continues to have problems, for a few days at a time. About 8 days after she started throwing up and had the runs, that lasted about 3 days. She seemed to be getting better for 3 days, and then she went backwards again. She started vomitting again. Has had about 24 hours with the hives all over (gave her very small dose of benedryl as recommended by vets office). I have taken her to the vet, told she will be better in a few days. I called them when the symptoms came back two days ago. I have gone to petsmart and picked up a grain free, salmon and sweet potato food. Last night, I did a lot of reading as to the possible long term side effects of rabies shot, I am worried. Internet with holistic vets recommends a detox which may include Thuja, dandelion root, and milk thistle. I boiled chicken and only allowed her to drink the water/broth and added a very small amount of pedialyte. She has improved. 12 hours later I gave her the chicken shredded very finely, and it has stayed down for 24 hours. Also the hives have stopped for now. Please advise if the holistic detox is a good idea. Or if there could be another factor I should be considering. Thank you so much.

    • I hope that your dog is doing better. I’m not holistic vet, but in Juliette de Bairacli Levy’s book (The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat) fasting (water + honey + cetrain herbs) during illness is suggested.

  7. Elisa

    Hi, i really need some advice about our dog that seems to have had a very bad reaction to rabies vaccine. He started to eat paper all the time soon after, and began to growl showing teeth and became very agressive. He violently bit our 12 year old son and he needed surgery to repair his lip. I dont want to put the dog doen, he has been removed from our home now but we still need to find a long term solution as to what to do with him. Someone I know recommended we give Thuja and Lyssin. Can you recommend anything? Many thanks for any help. Missing our sheppadoodle in NY

    • Dogs Naturally
      Dogs Naturally

      Thuja is not that common a remedy for rabies miasm, despite the vast numbers of people who recommend it. There are several major remedies that address rabies miasm, not just Thuja and Lyssin. The best advice I can give you is to consult with a good classical homeopath. We highly endorse Dr. Glen Dupree for these types of cases.

      • Maria

        I am looking for a homeopathic remedy to use with our puppy who after receiving her rabies vaccine at age 16 weeks seems to have developed mild aggression behavior.

        Folks seem to say Thuja and your post mentions that there are several major remedies that address rabies miasm. Unfortunately, I see that Dr. Glen Dupree whom you endorsed highly has made his journey home to Heaven. May he rest in peace.

        Hopefully between your feedback and Jill Tack’s I can find a remedy or a vet who can help in this case.

        Thanking you in advance.

        • Dogs Naturally Magazine

          Maria, the best thing for your puppy would be to consult a veterinary homeopath who can prescribe the best remedy based on your puppy’s symptoms. You can find one through the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy directory
          Keep in mind many will do phone consults so you don’t necessarily need to find one near your home.

    • Dolly

      I gave my dog Belladonna , I got it from a horse farm close by my home. He have me the same tablets he gave to his horses, but he said start out with only 1/4 of the tablet first and wait to see if that helps. It did, I gave my dog 1/4 of the tablet at night and then another 1/4 in the morning, till he was better.

      • Dogs Naturally
        Dogs Naturally

        Homeopathy is not dosed like drugs. It is irrelevant whether you give your dog one pellet or ten – it is all the same with homeopathy. The strength is in the dilution of the remedy, but not how many pellets you give.


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