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Homeopathic Remedies For Ear Problems In Dogs

dog ear remedyMost dogs’ ears do not require regular cleaning and can mostly be left alone. In fact, it’s better to leave normal, healthy ears alone and not attempt to clean them for the sake of it, because this in itself can disrupt the delicate pH balance and natural environment there. Some dogs with chronic issues require occasional cleaning to remove debris, or a specially designed drying product to help eliminate excess moisture from the ears after swimming.

Minor amounts of debris can be removed with a clean, dry cotton pad alone, which is the best solution for maintaining ears that don’t have a deep seated problem of any kind. Never try to clean beyond the areas of the ears that you can actually see.

If your dog’s ears seem to need regular cleaning, then homeopathy can be used to address the underlying issue. Although chronic healthy issues are best addressed by a classical homeopathic veterinarian, here are some remedies you can try for acute flare ups.

Pulsatilla is helpful for acute flare ups with sensitivity and redness, along with a yellowish discharge. Pulsatilla animals like to sit near open windows, hate getting their paws wet and won’t go out in the rain. They also tend to have a very sweet (and slightly needy) disposition.

Hepar Sulph is useful for irritable animals who don’t like to have their inflamed ears touched.

Sulphur is often recommended for long term, stubborn skin conditions and also has some success in ear infection treatment. Excessive scratching or pawing at the ears may be an indicator for Sulphur.

Silica is worth considering to help push out a foxtail or other foreign object form the ears.

Phosphorus is a good option for those dogs who suffer with cuts or hematomas to the pinna; it’s an excellent remedy for many types of bleeding.

For animals that have a severe, malodorous discharge that causes hair loss around and under the ears, Tellurium is helpful. The ears are extremely sensitive in the Tellurium patient and the discharge may have a fish-like smell.

When giving homeopathic remedies, use a 30C potency or whatever you have at home. Give the remedy once then wait to see if there are any changes. If the condition improves, then do nothing. If you see an improvement followed by a decline, redose. If you see no change, consider trying another remedy.

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  • 2 Responses to Homeopathic Remedies For Ear Problems In Dogs

    1. GoldensForever

      I have a golden who is prone to chronic ear infections. I think he’s had one a month since May, excluding September. Every time, I just kept giving Posatex and whatever oily crap the veterinarian prescribed a couple times. The crap worked for the time-being, but didn’t knock out whatever the hell was causing these things initially. I tried switching kibble, but that did nothing. For his last ear infection, I treated it with apple cider vinegar and water. I mixed equal parts in a small plastic container, used a medicine dropper to suck up a teaspoon of the stuff and squirt it in his ear. Eight days and the infection was gone.
      My golden has also been having anal gland issues. Every other month, he needs those things manually emptied, and it’s not fun for anyone because he hates it, biting, scratching, and acting like a wild animal. Two people have to restrain him while someone else empties his anal sacks. He also has very poor nail health, despite me keeping his claws short, and he has a mild issue with itchiness. The people at my vet’s office are wonderful, they really are, but they never try to help me get to the root of the problem.
      I have located a classic homeopath in my area and will be giving her a call this week. I will also switch my golden guy to a raw diet next month, and I am throwing out the Vectra and Heart Guard. I am sick of the ear infections, the other minor health problems, and sick of rooting through dog food ingredient lists to figure out what is causing these problems. From now on, I will control 100% of what my dog ingests, and use medicine that deals with the root problem, not just the symptoms.

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