Genetically Modified or Non-Genetically Modified? That is the question I sent to pet food manufacturers yesterday – Sunday. This wasn’t planned – the Sunday part. It was simply a time I had available to send all the emails to all the pet food manufacturers (this is what happens when your life is consumed by pet food). It will more than likely take weeks for some to respond (and I’m confident many will ignore my request), but what I have received so far is worth noting.

Yesterday – Sunday – I sent dozens and dozens of emails to pet food manufacturers asking them the following question…
“Does XXXX products include any genetically modified/engineered ingredients? If no, do you require non-GM/GE certification from ingredient suppliers?”

I knew it was Sunday and I didn’t expect any responses on Sunday. But I got several.

By Sunday evening, within an hour or so of receiving my email, I heard back from…
Nature’s Logic Pet Food
Honest Kitchen Pet Food
Fresh Fetch Pet Food
People Fud Pet Food
Red Moon Pet Food
Answers Pet Food

On a Sunday!

And on Sunday I received a response to questions for Petsumer Report sent to My Perfect Pet (which will be added to Petsumer Report for November).

By this morning (Monday) I’ve gotten responses from Weruva Pet Food, Blue Seal Pet Food, Raw Health Pet Food, Nature’s Variety Pet Food and Iams Pet Food.

Here’s what I have learned from each so far…
Honest Kitchen Pet Food
No GMO ingredients; they require a pledge to this effect from every supplier.

Nature’s Logic Pet Food
No GMO ingredients. The only possible GM ingredient would be millet, but currently there is no GM millet. If this changes they will require certification of non-GM.

People Fud
Is actively working with ingredient suppliers to “find out the truth about the vegetables”. Potatoes and vegetables are their question (my comment – grains are the most likely to be GM, which are not found in this pet food; I was amazed at their honesty. He could have easily said no GMO; but he didn’t. This is not an endorsement on my part, just impressed with their honesty). Most supplements and protein sources are specified non-GMO.

Fresh Fetch Pet Food
Is working with the Non-GMO project to identify potential GMO in their foods; actively tries to use no GMO.

Red Moon Pet Food
No GMO ingredients; purchase all ingredients from certified GMO free suppliers.

Answers Pet Food
No GMO ingredients.

Weruva Pet Food
No GMO ingredients. Suppliers of ingredients can provide certification.

Blue Seal Pet Foods
Possible GM ingredients. Company does not seek out GMO free.

Iams Pet Food
Possible GM ingredients. Company states these possible GM ingredients must meet the same strict safety and legal requirements as other foods people eat.

Raw Health Pet Food
No GMO ingredients. Supplier of ingredients can provide certification.

Nature’s Variety Pet Food
No GMO ingredients. Company states they require non-GMO from suppliers.

Thank you to all of these companies for prompt honest answers. As responses come in, all will be posted in Petsumer Report with each review (top of the page with other company information). And thank you to all of the pet food companies that are actively seeking to make non-GMO pet foods!

To learn more about the damages that GMO ingredients can cause (to pets and people), Click Here for a recent study compiling various research projects.  Briefly, GMO ingredients are linked to kidney and liver damage in animals. Click Here to read more about the Non-GMO project.