Natural Flea and Tick Control: Making the World a Safer Place


We get it! You know those flea and tick products can harm your pet. If they kill fleas and ticks, they have to be at least a little bit dangerous for your dog, right?

But you’re also afraid of Lyme disease and having a houseful loaded with fleas. We get that too.

Hopefully this week’s videocast will help you feel a bit more confident making the best parasite control decisions for your dog.



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But first, a story …

We glossed over this in the videocast, but I want to share my story about fleas and naturally reared dogs. My dogs don’t get any flea or tick products, they don’t get any vaccines not required by law, ever, they eat a whole food diet and are treated with homeopathy and holistic medicine. Drugs and conventional products are saved only for life threatening or out of control illnesses (which we very rarely have here, thanks to the above principles).

So a few years ago, I travelled to a dog show with a friend who uses commercial flea and tick products, vaccinates and feeds a commercial kibble. We brought three dogs each, drove in my van and had a great time.

A few days after we returned home, my friend called me up. She said the dogs that travelled with us were covered in fleas. They were crawling up her son’s leg!

So of course I checked my own dogs. I didn’t see any fleas and didn’t see any scratching. I never did.

Now remember, it was my van we drove down in. I went and looked at it and thought I should vacuum the carpet but there weren’t any fleas on my dogs, so I didn’t bother.

I never saw any evidence of fleas on any of my dogs. Yet my friend’s dogs were crawling with them.

What was the difference?

A healthy immune system. Healthy dogs aren’t very good hosts for parasites. They prefer to live on the animals who aren’t as robust.

Think this won’t work for you? Well, it might not. If your dog is eating a commercial food, vaccinated excessively and exposed to drugs and toxins, then parasites are more likely to seek him out and set up camp.

But hold on … that doesn’t mean you have to reach for the neurotoxic flea and tick meds just yet.

There are natural solutions to controlling ticks and fleas that you should try before resorting to those more toxic products. And it’s a good idea to do this, because those flea and tick products are harmful for your dog, harmful for anybody who touches him, harmful for our environment – and worst of all, fleas and ticks are adapting to them, so more and more of the dangerous neurotoxins are needed every year to make these products work!

This is why we feel they should be used only as a last resort – and if you raise your dog naturally and stay away from toxic chemicals and drugs, you might find that you don’t even need the natural solutions – your dog’s immune system will be kicked into overdrive and those pests will stay well away from your shiny, healthy dog!

“Healthy animals are less attractive, for reasons that science has yet to determine, to fleas and other external and internal pests and parasites, whose whole existence is one of opportunistic survival and multiplication” says Dr Michael Fox DVM. “Dogs and cats on the kind of ‘junk’ foods that are still widely sold are far more prone to fleas and other parasitic and infectious health problems than those who are on a wholesome, whole-food diet, ideally organically certified and of course nutritionally complete. So many are not, so I strongly advocate the use of the following inexpensive nutrient supplements.”

Want More Information on Natural Solutions for Flea and Tick Control?

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Thanks for viewing our first Dogs Naturally On Air: see you next week!


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