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What Supplements Are In Dana’s Dog Cupboard?

Today on Facebook Live I answered one of the most often asked questions … what supplements do you feed your dogs? And because so many of you asked for written list, here it is! If you missed the

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Why I Don’t Give My Dogs Heartworm Meds (And Why You Shouldn’t Either)

Would it surprise you to hear vets warn dog owners about the dangers of heartworm meds? The late Glen Dupree, an excellent holistic vet, was one of only a few vets who didn’t want his patients taking

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Ascenta Omega-3 Giveaway

Win one of two bundles of Ascenta’s Omega-3 and give your whole family the gift of good health! CanineOmega3 and FelineOmega3 are made with the same premium quality fish oil used in NutraSea. Ascenta’s

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Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital Giveaway

Your dog will love Pounce & Hound herbal apothecary products formulated by holistic veterinarian Dr Jason Rowan. Two prizes containing Monashee Mountain Shampoo, Conditioner; Ponderosa Pine Coat Spray;

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Dr Willard’s Pet Products Giveaway

Win one of three healthful prizes containing great goodies for both you and your dog! Winners will receive a pet care kit with Vibrant Pet Water Drops, Rejuvenating Skin and Coat Spray, Soothing Aloe

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