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Feeding Your Dog A Raw Diet? Don’t Leave The Skin And Fur Out!

Humans tend to make things more complicated than they need to be. So often the answers are right in front of us but instead we look for some huge revelation or scientific breakthrough. The other day

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5 Nutrient Dense Foods You Should Add To Your Dog’s Raw Diet

There’s no totally reliable test to determine the nutrient content of any food.  While I’ve known this for a while, it became even more evident to me recently at a nutrition conference. The

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The Raw Feeding Easy Button: Make Your Dog’s Meals Less Complicated

Have you ever felt raw feeding your dog is just too complicated?Maybe you want to start raw feeding but you're worried you won't be giving your dog complete nutrition. Or you've been feeding raw

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Why AAFCO Guidelines Are Useless For Raw Dog Food

You’ve probably heard of AAFCO – the American Association of Feed Control Officials. It’s the body that sets standards for pet foods and animal feeds in the US. When you buy dog food that

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Does Feeding Your Dog Raw Seem Scary? Not With These 5 Tips!

For many pet owners conditioned to think the best food for their dogs is pre-packaged in a bag, the idea of “feeding raw” can sound terribly scary. The most well-intentioned pet owners may find feeding

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