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Raw Dog Food Safety: Avoid This Common Mistake

Keeping your dog safe from disease is a high priority for every dog owner, and the last thing you want is to poison your dog with bacteria that may be lurking in his raw diet. You may even hesitate to

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Transition Your Dog To Raw: 5 Herbs That Help

If you’ve decided to move your dog to a whole foods, raw meat based diet, give yourself a pat on the back! Your dog will be much healthier and happier because of it. If your dog could talk, I’m sure

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Raw Chicken For Dogs: Why I Stopped Feeding It

I’ve been feeding my dogs a raw diet for over twenty years now. Over those twenty years, I’ve learned a lot … and the raw diet I feed my dogs today has changed from the raw diet I fed them twenty

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Mixing Kibble With Raw? Here’s the Problem …

There are a bunch of reasons to feed both kibble and raw at the same time … Maybe you’re trying to switch your dog to raw but you need to mix both together to avoid digestive upset. Or maybe

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What To Look For When Choosing Commercial Raw Dog Food

So you don’t have time to make your own raw diet for your pet. What’s the next best thing? A commercially prepared one. But how do you know it’s balanced and of good quality? Are they all

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