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[REPORT] Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Dog FortiFlora

Supplementing your dog’s diet with probiotics is an important part of boosting her immune system and overall health. It can also help manage irritable bowel disease and gastrointestinal upset… …

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Probiotics: How To Waste Money On Your Dog

Do you give your dog probiotics? If you do, that could be a really good idea. But you could also be wasting your money. Think about this … Let’s say you go to the pet store and buy a

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The 6 Best Probiotics For Dogs

Planning on giving your dog probiotics?  You need to check out this list before you do. Find out how to give your dog some amazing health benefits – and save some money too! Your dog needs probiotics

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Probiotics vs Prebiotics: Does Your Dog Need Both?

As you learn to care for your dog naturally, you keep discovering more options to support his health holistically. But sometimes it can get confusing. One topic that can leave dog owners a bit mystified is

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Three Non Dairy Probiotics For Your Dog

Not all bacteria is bad bacteria. In fact, it’s REALLY important to make sure your dog gets adequate levels of “good” bacteria in his intestines to counteract the bad bacteria! Why? Well,

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