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Balancing Fats For A Healthier Dog

It’s a good idea to add some fats to your dog’s diet. Omega-3 oils like fish oils can minimize inflammation and help protect against conditions like arthritis, heart disease or even cancer. And who

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When To Throw Your Dog’s Kibble Away

What’s more expensive … your dog’s kibble or the bag it comes in? Pet food companies invest heavily into the food’s packaging. Packaging with compelling pictures and benefits are

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Nutrient Density: Why It Matters More Than Nutrients

There’s no totally reliable test to determine the nutrient content of any food. While I’ve known this for a while, it became even more evident to me recently at a nutrition conference. The organizers

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Feed Your Dog Like A Wolf

  If you feed your dog a raw diet or you’ve read anything about raw feeding, you’re probably familiar with the theory that you should feed your dog like a wolf. Wolves are classified by the Smithsonian

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[Updated] How To Balance The Calcium And Phosphorus In Your Dog’s Raw Diet

  Do you sometimes feel like you need a nutrition degree to feed your dog a raw diet? One of the things that stops people from feeding dogs raw food is the notion that creating and balancing canine

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