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MSG In Dog Food Can Cause Brain Damage

You’re probably familiar with monosodium glutamate (MSG) as a flavor enhancer in Chinese restaurant food and a lot of packaged food products like canned soups and vegetables, processed meats, snacks

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How Hidden Sugars In Your Dog’s Food Are Making Him Sick

There’s an ingredient found in every kibble (and most other pet foods) that dogs don’t need. And it’s in the food not just to keep costs down, but because they can’t manufacture the

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10 Reasons To Feed Your Dog Vegetables And Fruit

  You might not think fruits and vegetables for dogs would be controversial … but it is! Many conventional veterinarians don’t believe they’re necessary for dogs – though some might tell you

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Why Your Dog Is Probably Eating GMO Food – And Shouldn’t

 GMOs can spell major trouble for your dog’s immune system and can deteriorate his health from the inside. Click here to download DNM’s Leaky Gut Worksheet and start healing your dog

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Why 99% Of Dog Food Is Fake

Why are dogs so sick? Why are they suffering from the same diseases humans suffer, including diabetes, cancer, allergies, liver disease, leaky gut and more? The answer? We feed them the same processed

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