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Why FDA Chicken Jerky Inspections Fail To Protect Our Pets

Since September 26, 2007, the FDA has issued repeated warnings regarding jerky treats from China. It wasn’t until January of 2013 that major manufacturers, including Nestle and Del Monte, pulled the

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Pet Health Crisis Or An Awakening?

  There was an interesting article in USA Today  this week. You may have seen it. The headline was Pet health crisis: Americans skimp on preventive care Wow, that sound pretty scary! It must be

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Circovirus: Why This Fatal Dog Virus Should Be Taken Seriously

Vets and pet owners in Ohio are on the watch for a new virus that can kill dogs in as little as 48 hours from the onset of symptoms. So far, three dogs in the Cincinnati area have died and several more

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Itchy Skin Wins Big, A Mystery to Vets

Itchy skin prompted the most visits of dogs to veterinarians in 2012. Gee. And is the sky still blue? But wait: this is “a bit unexpected,” according to recent research by VPI, a provider of insurance

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Rabies Vaccination Is No Joke

  What are these assembly members so happy about?     What looks like a fun day for legislators could have lethal results for dogs in California. California Rabies Bill AB 272 seeks to

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