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Pentobarbital And Evangers: How Did This Euthanasia Drug Get Into Pet Food?

Earlier this month, Susan Thixton of Truth About Pet Food found out that three dogs became ill (and one died) after eating Evangers pet food. Within 15 minutes of eating the food, all four dogs began

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US Federal Trade Commission Cracks Down On Eukanuba False Advertising

We’d be naïve to believe everything we see in TV advertising … but some ads are pretty convincing. And sometimes they tell us what we want to hear. If you feed Eukanuba brand dog food and you bought

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FDA Releases Report On Toxic Ingredients In Beneful ®

We all know Beneful® from the TV ads, right? Nestle Purina’s multicolored kibble that gets dogs so excited? And their dog owners love it because it’s so colorful. Apparently those colors lead dog

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Raw Pet Foods And The AVMA – Part 1

The AVMA (American Veterinary Medicine Association) describes itself on its website ( as “representing more than 86,500 veterinarians working in private and corporate practice, government,

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