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Capturing Your Dog’s Personality Through Photos

Dogs are like better versions of humans, but with furry coats and waggy tails. They also have loads of character and personality — probably even more than most humans! They’re cuddly, funny, fiercely

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Beagles – You Just Gotta Love Them!

Have you heard of Louie the Beagle, the internet famous pooch? Well, he has a younger sister named Marie! This is her adorable story from the age of eight weeks: Does your dog get into trouble like

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5 Ways Play and Exercise Can Help Keep Your Dog Mentally Healthy

Intellectually we all know we should exercise and play with our dogs. Yeah, it’s good for them. They’re dogs, that’s what they do. As life’s daily stresses get piled on and we continue through

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Your Dog is in the Stars: Pet Personalities and Astrology

Have you ever wondered where your dog’s personality comes from? I always wonder why my two pugs are so different despite growing up in the same environment. Francis is attentive, affectionate and mischievous

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