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Cruciate Ligament Rupture: Missing The Big Picture

“I have just discovered that my mom’s dog, Dodger, has a cranial cruciate tear, and possibly a meniscal tear as well. The vet recommends surgery ASAP, but it sounds costly and dangerous. Also, the

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Rescue Homeopathic Remedies And Bach Flower Essences For Emotional Upset

Many years ago my holistic physician gave me a homeopathic blend called Happy Puppy or Happy Dog. It was supposed to help my dogs accept the new dog and for the new dog to adapt to my home. I work in

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Licorice And Dogs

Bet you were thinking we were going to say “don’t let your dog eat licorice, it’s bad for them.” While sharing sugary black babies with your dog might not be in his best interests,

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Week Nine: Degenerative Myelopathy, SOD 1 Test, DHEA, Soy Milk, Incontinence, Lyme Vaccine, Brain Tumor

Degenerative Myelopathy, SOD 1 Test My dog was recently diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy. She is a German Shepherd/ Rott mix that is appox. 12 years old. I do not know much about the disease and

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How Homeopathy Is Practiced

When choosing a remedy do any of you use a repertory that was compiled for humans or one specifically focused on animals? Is there a preferred or recommended repertory for canines? Some homeopathy books

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