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What To Do If Your Dog Eats Chocolate … And 7 Other Issues

Do you know what to do if your dog eats chocolate, an entire bowl of grapes, or a child’s new toy? What about if she gets frostbite on her paws or slips on the ice? Dogs have a way of getting into

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The Benefits of Cell Salts

Every body needs minerals … and your dog’s body does too. He can get many of the important minerals he needs through his diet … such as calcium from bones, phosphorus from meat or iron from

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5 Healing Crystals to Help Your Dog

Shifting your thinking from conventional to natural can be freeing but at the same time overwhelming. You’re opening up a whole new world of possibilities to wellness and healing. Many healing modalities

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How To Use Healing Clay For Dogs

Pelology is the study of earthen clays for therapeutic healing purposes. Whether white, yellow, brown, green or red in color, all clays have one thing in common … mud. Potent mud. Humans and animals

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Is Aloe Poisonous For Dogs?

So we get the occasional piece of hate mail here at DNM … … but I have to admit this most recent one surprised me a little bit! It turns out somebody took exception to our article on using

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