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9 Tips For Safe And Natural Flea Control

No dog owner wants their dog to get fleas … but if it happens what’s better: chemical or natural flea control? Obviously, this is a no brainer … While a flea infestation can be a nightmare, so can

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How To Remove Ticks From Your Dog: Dos and Don’ts

Ticks – ugh! They’re creepy and they can transmit disease. Experts are warning us that this year’s going to be an especially bad year for ticks, with disease incidence expanding and becoming

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Bravecto, Nexgard And Simparica: Are These Oral Flea And Tick Preventives Safe?

Like every dog owner, you want to avoid fleas on your dog and in your home. And you don’t want your dog picking up ticks and risking tick-borne disease. Wouldn’t it be convenient to just give your

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Is Frontline Harmful To Your Dog?

A five-year old Golden Retriever is brought to the veterinarian with ear and eye discharge three weeks after receiving a dose of Frontline Plus, a topical pharmaceutical used to kill fleas and ticks.

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[Updated] Our Best Home Remedies For Fleas

The main goal of natural flea prevention? Make it through flea season without an infestation, keep flea populations at a minimum and a happy itch-free dog. Once fleas are in your house and on your dog,

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