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Resolve to Replace Toxic Treatments with Essential Oils

Conventional veterinarians and even many holistic veterinarians are hesitant to recommend essential oils for pets; however when prepared, selected and utilized properly, they can be an effective and safe

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Essential Oils And Airborne Pathogens

When it comes to anxiety and behavior issues, many of use recognize the benefits of essential oils.  One recent study shows that that not only do essential oils have a sedative effect on stress, they

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Essential Oils For Dogs

Just as aromatherapy can benefit humans both physically and psychologically, it can also benefit dogs. It is important to remember that the essential oils blends and aromatherapy that human beings can

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The Slippery Subject Of Oils For Dogs

by:  Deb Percival Article Excerpt from January 2011 If you are going to buy fish oil, give it to your dogs. It’s a waste for those of us who eat meat or fried foods, drink coffee or alcohol,

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