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The Simple Guide To Titer Testing Dogs

If you’re trying to limit the number of vaccines your dog receives (and you should be), then antibody titers are the perfect solution. While titers offer many benefits to the vaccine-wary pet owner by

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Vaccine Contamination

4 Ways Vaccines Can Cause Your Dog Problems There are many mechanisms by which vaccines can cause serious problems. These problems have been broadly classified into four groups by Michael Day of the

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Vaccination Safety

Vaccination as a Cause of Illness If someone, even someone in a white coat, suggests that you take a drug or get injected with some substance, two logical questions ought to immediately arise in your

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Vaccine Efficacy (or in other words, does it work?)

Every procedure we do to ourselves or those in our care should be a useful one or there is no reason to do it. Obvious perhaps, but common sense is less and less common of late, especially in the world

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Revaccination and Dogs

Revaccination: The Untold Story Of Vaccination Schedules, Science And Speculation I’ll preface the following article by clearly stating that I’m not a vet. I didn’t attend veterinary college and

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