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Revaccination and Dogs

Revaccination: The Untold Story Of Vaccination Schedules, Science And Speculation I’ll preface the following article by clearly stating that I’m not a vet. I didn’t attend veterinary college and

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Does Your Dog’s Vaccine Contain Thimerosal (Even When It Says It Doesn’t)?

You know the rabies vaccine is one of the most dangerous vaccines you can give your dog. But unfortunately, if you live in the United States or parts of Canada, the rabies vaccine is required by law. Maybe

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Vaccination Linked To Encephalomyelitis, Neurologic Disorders

In May 2013, my 6 year old retired racing Greyhound was diagnosed with auto-mediated encephalomyelitis most likely caused as a reaction to her recent (mid-April) routine vaccinations. She had severe pain

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Safer Vaccine Guidelines For Dogs

In more than 23 years of practicing veterinary medicine, I have been minimally vaccinating pets to keep them safe from the dangers of over-vaccination. Over that time I have also been gathering data and

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Prevent Parvo and Distemper Without Vaccination

Imagine avoiding risky vaccinations while getting very strong immune protection against parvo and distemper, the two potentially deadly diseases of puppies. That’s not only possible, but it’s been

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