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Taking The Risk Out Of Puppy Shots

If you want to protect your puppy against disease, you need to know not only how vaccination can save your puppy’s life, but also how it be taken away in the blink of an eye. Many vets don’t even

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Can Half Dose Vaccines Reduce The Risk Of Vaccine Reactions In Small Dogs?

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding vaccination these days — and rightly so. That’s because vaccines differ from every other pharmaceutical product your vet prescribes in one important

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Dangerous Over-vaccination Of Dogs Is Alive And Well In The US

Earlier this week, we were having a conversation in the Dogs Naturally Academy about vaccines … and something shocking came up. It seems that vets are being quite naughty when it comes to charging

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Why Do You Vaccinate Your Dog?

Why does your vet vaccinate your dog? I think if you asked most vets, they’d say it’s to protect your dog from disease, right? If you agree with your vet, then you really need to read on … New

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Canine Influenza Vaccine

Back in 2009 when the canine flu vaccine was first released, Dr Karen Becker remarked that vets were “jumping on the H1N1 Bandwagon of Fear.” Why the bandwagon? Well, people were already pretty scared

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