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How Mystery Ingredients In Vaccines Can Harm Your Dog

If you’ve ever asked your conventional vet about the ingredients in dog vaccines, he probably told you they’re generally safe for your dog and that vaccine reactions are rare. The fact is,

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Why Vets Don’t Recognize Dog Vaccine Reactions

You take your perfectly healthy dog to the vet for “her shots.” Early the next morning, she has a seizure — her first seizure ever. You rush your dog back to the vet or an emergency clinic and ask

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What Blood Tests Does Your Dog Need?

Do you find your dog’s blood tests confusing?  Do you wonder how useful the tests are? Do you really need to do all the ones your vet recommends? The charges can add up and you might want to prioritize

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Dangerous Over-Vaccination Is On The Rise

Today I’m writing about a topic that makes me want to reach for a blood pressure pill: annual vaccination of dogs. Annual vaccination is unnecessary and dangerous for your dog. And despite what we know

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[Updated] Dog Vaccines: What Every Vet (And Dog Owner) Should Know

Are you confused about how often your dog needs vaccines? You’re not alone … your vet probably is too. It’s the number one question we’re asked here at Dogs Naturally and it’s

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