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Genetically Engineered Vaccines

In recent years, genetically engineered vaccine strategies have been rushed into common use within such fields as medicine, veterinary medicine and fish farming. Some scientists contend that such vaccines

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Vaccine Notes From Catherine O’Driscoll

Do you really regularly see puppies dying of distemper? That’s a first for me, the vets I speak to in the UK tell me they haven’t seen a case of distemper in ten years. As for parvo, there

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Duration of Immunity to Canine Vaccines

  Ronald D. Schultz, Professor and Chair Department of Patho-biological Sciences School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison It has been common practice since the development

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Combination Shots for Dogs: Weapons of Over-Vaccination

Combination Shots for Dogs Whombo combos, mumbo jumbos: that’s what veterinarians who understand immunology call combination shots. Unlike a vaccine such as rabies, which contains a single virus, combination

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