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Rabies Vaccination Can Cause Rabies Symptoms In Dogs

What do you do when you get that little reminder card in the mail from your vet clinic saying your dog is due for his rabies vaccination? Do you a) ignore it or b) dutifully bring your dog in for his

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New Rabies Regulations Could Save Your Dog’s Life

This is the big one that every dog owner fears … Imagine it’s a bright sunny day when you let your dog out to play in your backyard. Then BAM. You hear a yelp and you look outside to see your dog

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Is There Hope for Rabies Law Reform?

Recent developments have offered some hope that there may be less punitive rabies vaccination laws on the horizon. In the US dogs are legally required to be vaccinated against rabies every three years.

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Rabies: A Human Health Law for my Pet?

Rabies is the one and only pet vaccination with a law wrapped around it. Let’s look at this law. Who puts it forth? In each state, the rabies law is made by the Department of Health, a human health

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