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Keep Your Dog Healthy with 5 Immune System Boosters

Hotspots. Diabetes. Ear Infections. UTIs. Cancer. What do these prevalent pet diseases have in common, you ask? Answer: The immune system, or more accurately, an unbalanced immune system… Because at

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Can Echinacea Boost Your Dog’s Immune System?

You notice your dog is suddenly not himself. He’s dragging himself around and doesn’t have that typical bright look in his eye. Clearly, his immune system is fighting something. Do you reach

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Five Immune-Boosting Uses of Colloidal Silver

Even the healthiest of dogs gets a little bloody here and again. In fact, we would argue, the healthier the dog, the more trouble he might be getting into when roaming free in the yard. He runs out, chases

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Viral Warts, Papillomavirus, Immune Function

Can you recommend a treatment to speed up the recovery from papillomavirus? Our adolescent female was exposed to a dog with the virus and in turn, caught it when her immune system was lowered (she was

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Boosting Your Dog’s Immune System

  Our dogs are constantly exposed to environments and substances that can compromise their health. Whether you live in the city or the country, pesticides can be difficult to avoid as neighbors and

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