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Top 5 Foods For Your Dog’s Teeth

You need to keep your dog’s teeth to healthy, but do you know why?   Dental disease is the most common medical problem in dogs. Your dog’s dental health can actually affect his whole

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Why It’s Important To Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean

Why is it important to keep your dog’s teeth clean? 80% of dogs have dental disease by age 3. That’s a pretty staggering statistic. It’s actually the most common clinical disease seen in dogs. And

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Looking For Natural Dog Dental Care? Probiotics Can HELP!

Periodontal disease is the #1 health issue plaguing dogs today. It’s estimated to affect more than 80% of adult dogs. Because periodontal disease is so prevalent, chances are your dog is affected

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10 Tips To Help Prevent And Treat Dental Disease In Dogs

Introduction How important is your dog’s oral hygiene to his overall health? The answer is that it’s very important! In fact, dental disease in dogs is a common problem and if you don’t

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Fluoride: An Unknown Cause Of Disease In Dogs

If your dog drinks tap water, his health is at risk. Does this surprise you? It wouldn’t surprise you if you saw this in the news … Fluoride Now A Neurotoxin A 2014 research study (Neurobehavioural

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