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The Quick Fix To Your Dog’s Allergies

No one ever considers watching an itching, chewing, biting, fur-ripping dog an evening of inexpensive family entertainment. No kid says, “Hey, look at the dog, Mom! Isn’t he funny?” The whole family

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Dog Allergies: The Ultimate Guide

Does your dog have allergies? If she does, it’s not a surprise. It’s estimated that 10% of dogs suffer from allergies … and a great many more suffer from skin diseases caused by food intolerances,

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Dog Allergies…Or Is It Something In The Water?

  Years ago when I first started in the pet industry, dogs were becoming allergic to beef, the main protein source in most commercial foods so the manufacturers started making lamb diets. Then the

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The Itch Fix – Heal Your Dog’s Itchy Allergy Symptoms

As a child your mother might have told you to stop scratching your mosquito bite as it would only make it worse. It all comes down to the body’s histamine response. It’s a vicious cycle as scratching

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Food Allergies In Dogs – A Man-Made Problem

Nearly all the food your dog eats contains protein … and these proteins all have the ability to trigger food allergies. The most common proteins to cause allergy symptoms are beef, dairy and chicken,

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