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Week Seven: Hypothyroidism, Remedies In Canada, Cracked Teeth, Parvo & Distemper Vaccine & Chronic Disease

Hypothyroidism, Remedies In Canada My 12 year old Malamute has marginally low hypothyroidism and has been on low dosage of Levothyroxine for quite a few years.  Her dosages were recommended following

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What Your Vet Doesn’t Know About Distemper Could Harm Your Dog

Any vaccine given to any dog at any point in his life has the ability to cause harm. This makes it incredibly important to limit vaccinations to only those that will protect your pet. After all, the entire

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Is Canine Distemper On The Rise?

If you belong to dog chat groups or keep on top of dog-related media, you might have seen some recent warnings about canine distemper.  The media is warning that a new strain of distemper is causing a

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