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Top Foods For Preventing Cancer In Dogs

The National Cancer Institute says emphatically that many cancers can be prevented by making appropriate lifestyle changes. In fact, National Cancer Institute studies show that 35 percent of all human

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How This Special Fiber Fights Cancer In Dogs

You might have heard sugar can fuel cancer in dogs …. … but new research shows this one sugar can stop cancer in its tracks (and give your dog some other health-boosting benefits too). Let’s

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Cancer In Dogs: How To Fight Back With These 3 Herbs

Cancer is the one word that’s on almost every dog owner’s mind. And if cancer isn’t on your mind, it should be … statistically, your dog has a 50/50 chance of getting it. My old

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Holistic Vets Explain: Natural Treatment Of Cancer In Dogs

 Part 1 – Signs Of Cancer And Natural Treatment Options (Published April 1st, 2016) FACT: half of adult dogs today will get cancer. Cancer is a terrifying reality for dog owners today, causing

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New Study Shows Dogs with Low Vitamin D Are At Risk For Cancer

Human research is showing many of us don’t get enough vitamin D and that’s bad for our health. And now research is showing the same thing might be happening in our dogs. In fact, 75% of dogs reportedly

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