Write For Dogs Naturally

We welcome contributions from our readers for our regular columns and well written articles about important topics that effect our dogs and our life with them.

Tell us how your journey into alternative care began and the dog who started that journey.  We want to share your story with others.

Do you know a caring individual who influenced your direction and helped guide you on the path of Natural care?  Let us know and we will spotlight them in the magazine.  Breeders, Holistic Veterinarians, Natural Care givers, trainers, groomers: anyone who has helped you on your path.

We are looking for some great thought-provoking and controversial articles to help spread the word about serious things currently taking place in the Canine world.  Nutrition, breed specific legislation, rights, vaccinations, politics, responsible breeding, are just a few of the topics we present to our readers.


Dogs Naturally is published six times a year: January, March, May, July, September, and November. Blog articles are also accepted and will generate traffic to your own website.

Our magazine is devoted to natural health and nutrition, as well as positive training methods. Dogs Naturally is intended for both readers who are new to natural care as well as breeders, groomers, trainers and health care professionals who want more in-depth content.

While Dogs Naturally is devoted to people who want to learn more about natural health care and feeding, our readers will also learn a lot about their dogs in this magazine. Therefore, while we will run mainly educational articles, some features will be aimed at celebrating dogs by improving people’s education, awareness, and participation in their dog’s life. Features and columns will deal with: integrative health care methods, vaccination, raw and natural feeding and many other pertinent topics to dog owners who wish to avoid chemicals and toxins.


Feature articles and stories (900 to 1,200 words) should focus on these major topics: natural health care methods and case studies, nutrition, vaccination, and general interest stories. Dogs Naturally will not advocate allopathic health care of any kind, nor do we endorse the feeding of kibble, so articles should reflect this. There is some room (on an issue-by-issue basis) for shorter reflective lyrical and/or humor pieces if they are particularly well-written.

Dogs Naturally may offer advertising space in exchange for article submissions, depending on the reputation of the author, subject, and supporting illustration. Submission constitutes permission for Dogs Naturally, at its sole discretion, to use the submitted materials, in whole or in part, without compensation. Articles will remain the property of Dogs Naturally and may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without prior written consent of Intuition Publishing.


Dogs Naturally is a high-quality magazine with numerous stunning photographs. Photos are usually supplied with manuscripts, but we will accept freelance photographs for inside illustration to support stories, the table of contents and the cover.

Digital photos must be taken with a 4 megapixel (or higher) camera at the highest setting the camera will allow.  They need to be 300 dpi and correspond to a physical size of at least 3”x5”. Please submit digital photos on a CD or by email.  For large files, contact us for our Drop Box URL.


Query first, either by e-mail, fax, or mail. This may help us help you make your story more marketable.

If submitting assigned articles or unsolicited manuscripts, please send as an MS Word attached file to your e-mail (please ask if submitting other text files). Please do not send in PDF format.

Pay close attention to the word count. There is some leeway, but if a target word count for a feature is around 1,200 words, don’t submit a 3,000 word story. We will be able to work with one that may be over by a few hundred words but not a few thousand.

Please read the magazine. This may save you time in writing or suggesting story ideas about topics we have recently covered. Most rejections occur not because the story is poorly written but because the topic was just recently written about. So stay involved with the magazine, and you’ll understand what we are looking for.

Thanks for your interest!


Send queries to:

Dana Scott, Editor
Dogs Naturally Magazine
PO Box 694
Beeton, ON Canada L0G 1A0