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Keeping Bath Time Safe for Your Dog

  Choosing Safe Shampoos For Your Dog We all have the best intentions when it comes to grooming our dogs. Bathing, brushing, trimming…just so they can look their best and most importantly,

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German Chamomile: A Bit Of Herbal Sunshine For You And Your Dog

As gardeners, we treasure the summer growing season when we celebrate the sun as a giver of bounty. The summer fire starts to burn and with a little rain, we have the makings of some amazing gardens,

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PolyEthylene Glycol: What You Need To Know For Yourself And Your Dog

Recently, I was working with a dog who was suffering from severe itching and hair loss. After we went through the usual dietary factors, we started to go over her environment and eventually her grooming

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How To Help Your Dog Live Longer

Did you know that studies on American dogs have classified over 80% of dogs who are ages six and older as geriatric? In human terms, that is a ripe old age of 42. As a 42 year old woman, I don’t think

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Garlic For Dogs: Poison Or Medicine?

Can dogs eat garlic? If you look at any dog-centered poisonous plant list garlic is there. Don’t fret! You have nothing to fear and everything to gain. I’ll set your mind at ease by telling you how

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