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[Updated] Our Best Home Remedies For Fleas

The main goal of natural flea prevention? Make it through flea season without an infestation, keep flea populations at a minimum and a happy itch-free dog. Once fleas are in your house and on your dog,

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The Dangers Of Undiluted Essential Oils For Your Dog

  Good intentions, marketing and misinformation have been fuelling the improper use of essential oils among pet owners. It’s a dangerous movement that has led to oils being ingested or applied

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The Microwave: Three Reasons To Stop Using It

I’m always looking for pre-packaged raw foods my dog sitter can use while I’m away. Recently, I purchased a new brand of pre-made raw food with regionally derived small farm proteins. While the ingredients

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Is It Safe To Give Dogs Spirulina?

Did you know that spirulina is bacteria? Most people think spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) is a type of alga, but it’s actually a type of bacteria called cyanobacterium. What makes spirulina

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How To Use Healing Clay For Dogs

Pelology is the study of earthen clays for therapeutic healing purposes. Whether white, yellow, brown, green or red in color, all clays have one thing in common … mud. Potent mud. Humans and animals

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