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The Benefits of Cell Salts

Every body needs minerals … and your dog’s body does too. He can get many of the important minerals he needs through his diet … such as calcium from bones, phosphorus from meat or iron from

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5 Unexpected Dangers In Vaccines

Vaccination comes with a lot of unintended consequences … even more than you might have thought of. You can read a lot of articles on this site about the risks and possible adverse effects of vaccinating

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7 (Weird) Disease-Fighting Antioxidants For Your Dog

Whatever you feed your dog, it’s always a really good idea to add some extra health-boosting foods to his diet. You might give your dog well-known supplements like probiotics, coconut oil or turmeric.

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EPI And Other Digestive Diseases In Dogs

There are several conditions that can cause your dog not to absorb nutrients properly from her food. When that happens, it’s called malabsorption. And it’s a serious problem. Food is what gives your

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Heartworm

Heartworm is a spine-chilling word for dog owners. Every veterinary clinic displays gruesome photos of the foot-long spaghetti-like worms in a dog’s heart … and if you don’t want your dog to end

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