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Pentobarbital And Evangers: How Did This Euthanasia Drug Get Into Pet Food?

Earlier this month, Susan Thixton of Truth About Pet Food found out that three dogs became ill (and one died) after eating Evangers pet food. Within 15 minutes of eating the food, all four dogs began

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Top 5 Reasons To Give Your Dog Colostrum

When mammals are born, their mothers produce a special milk that contains colostrum. The main role of colostrum is to jump start the newborn’s immune system and provide vital nutrients … …

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Probiotics: How To Waste Money On Your Dog

Do you give your dog probiotics? If you do, that could be a really good idea. But you could also be wasting your money. Think about this … Let’s say you go to the pet store and buy a

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Looking For A High Protein Dog Food? These 5 Label Rules Will Help

Part 1: The 100%, 95% and 25% Rules Part 2: The 3% and Flavor Rules Click Here To Read Part 2 Are you looking for a high protein dog food but you’re completely confused when you look at the label? Then

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