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Coconut Oil For Dogs: Our 3 Favorite Recipes

 One of the most popular questions we get asked here at Dogs Naturally is if giving your dog coconut oil is a good idea or just a lot of fuss about nothing. The truth is we love coconut oil for

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Cocotherapy Coconut Oil And Treats Giveaway

Who doesn’t love coconut? Some lucky dog will win this delectably healthy bundle of goodies from Cocotherapy! Includes Coconut Oil (16 oz & 8 oz), Coconut Chips (2), Fruit Crunch (2), Veggie Crunch

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Coconut Oil vs. Fish Oil For Dogs

  Have you ever wondered whether you should feed your dog fish oil or coconut oil? The truth is that both oils have wonderful nutritional assets to offer your dog. Below are some facts about both oils

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[Updated] The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Dogs

Although supplements can be a confusing topic, most dog owners know of the benefits of fish oils. But what about coconut oil?

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The Dangers Of Undiluted Essential Oils For Your Dog

 Good intentions, marketing and misinformation have been fuelling the improper use of essential oils among pet owners. It’s a dangerous movement that has led to oils being ingested or applied

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